Using Wiki’s in the Classroom

Even though wiki’s may be the “in” thing, I am not to sure that it would be “in” my class. Wiki’s are new to me. From what I am gathering about Wiki’s, is that they are an online class discussion/information gathering center. There are certainly advantages to using a wiki such as it allows students to help each other online by providinginformation. For example, I could assign a project for African American History that requires the students to create a wiki for a historical African American. In their wiki they would be required to start providing information on the person they selected. They would also be required to add information to atleast five other peoples wiki’s. The advantage here would be that the students will be building on the information of another. They would also get the chance to not only learn more about the person they selected but they would learn about five others as well. The disadvantage with my class is that not everyone in the class is not serious about learning. These students have free reign to post whatever they like about the person. The information posted may or may not be factual. They could also go in and change the information of another student. If there is a way that the teacher would be notified and must approve all changes before they are displayed it would be better. A friend of mine said that her college professor uses wiki for their assignments. While it may be nice to have a place were all assignments go, she said that anybody can view the assignments other students turn in. I would think that their would be some confidentiality problems with this.

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  1. I agree that confidentiality is a concern with the whole wiki process, and also that unfortunately, not all students are as serious about learning as they should be. If students are posting their assignments on a wiki, it seems like it would be too easy for students to “borrow from” the work of others without really doing their own research for the assignments. I work with very young students, so this isn’t really a concern that I’ve had for my own classroom, but I can definately see a problem with older students.

  2. You can set your wiki site so that students have to log in to edit your wiki this can reduce vandalism. You can also look at the history for the page and see who made what changes. I hope this helps. Also don’t forget not every Web 2.0 tool is for everyone. Maybe you’ll find a better tool to better fit your needs.

  3. I think your idea for your wiki is great. I hadn’t seen one that was for a sports team yet. Of course, the colors are just right and it is parent friendly also. Having my first child playing high school sports I can definitely see how this would be a very beneficial wiki for the athletese and the parents. I do think you would need to give the students and parents log in information since you plan on posting pictures.

    Great idea!

  4. I like your wiki. The red is definitely apropos for Cumberland. As I look at your planned wiki for spring track, I look out the window and see it snowing. Good luck with the weather.
    I like your ideas for student collaboration for research projects. That’s probably one of the easiest to monitor because it could be structured so that individuals could be assigned to different aspects.

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