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Oh life… I finally was able to close on my house… a month later then I expected… great that I finally have my house… not so great that it’s just as my track season is starting.. oh yeah and lack of InternetĀ isn’t good thing either… so with that said I was only able to start my wiki this week… I had hoped to get on here today at work and finish it during my planning period.. only to see that it was blocked by the board because it falls under forums… oh life.. lol… but anyways… With what I have been able to start so far, creating a wiki doesn’t seem to bad. I had to use my Iphone which slowed the process down and made it much smaller but luckily for me, I have good eyes! At first I didn’t really understand what I should do but I took a look at a few other pages and then I was able to come up with the idea for my wiki! I was pretty excited about my track wiki page. I had been wanting to come up with a web page that I could keep up with that had information throughout the year. However, up until this point the only thing I could think of was facebook and myspace and I didn’t really want to go down that path with students. From what I am gathering, it looks like I could give my athletes on the team log in information and they could post their own videos or photos. That would be amazing. The question that I have… Is there a way that I could limit the information they could add. For example… they could only post on the photos tab.. Otherwise.. Once I got the idea of what I was going to do the outline of my wiki went along pretty good.. Hopefully it will continue to go well once I get a chance to start filling in information!

2 thoughts on “Creating My Wiki

  1. Congrats on closing on your house. I can imagine life got in the way for awhile.
    I love your idea of using the wiki for your track team. You could certainly organize a chart or graph so they could monitor their progress! Videos are a great idea if they can be monitored. There is always the worry of approriate content, plus you’d have to check to see that all students in the video have a release to be photographed.
    Actually, Google Docs might even be beter for monitoring progress. That might be worth examining.
    Surprise! You can’t get on your wiki at school. We would have to get permission from the board to use a wiki appropriately in the classroom or with an extra curricular activity. But, since it’s an excellent idea, I’m sure that would be permitted.
    Good luck with your season!

  2. I have done this several times this weekend; posted without proofreading. Shame on me. Google Docs might even be BETTER! I absolutely have to start reviewing better. Sorry.

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